„Coldcellar“ is a place that combines the idea of a healthy lifestyle with innovative design. It is a ready-made solution that will allow you to naturally store food, canned food, wines and etc. Installed in one day without damaging the existing garden. Can be installed in a location with a high groundwater level. The basement can be excavated and its location can be changed.


Get back to your roots with "Coldcellar" in a modern way!

8-10 mm thick reinforced composite fiber. Durable, stable construction and long-lasting aesthetic appearance.

The ecological shape of the shelves allows you to make the most of the coldcellar inner volume. You can choose the color of the shelves at the time of purchase.

A comfortable staircase installed at an angle of 135 degrees allows unrestricted access to coldcellar. The staris are covered with a non-slip coating.

The absolute tightness of the cellar prevents all types of rodents and insects.

Two ventilation ducts are installed to ensure constant air circulation. Equipped with a well which gathers moisture.

You can store all kinds of food and drinks in the underground fridge. Total product weight up to 550 kg.

The basement is completely impermeable to water. Can be installed in a location with a high groundwater level.

We apply a warranty to all our products and take care of post-warranty service.


The ground layer acts as an insulating barrier between changing ambient temperatures and near-constant soil temperatures, ensuring that the basement does not overheat and freeze in summer. The cold store is equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation, which cools and ensures constant circulation of fresh air inside the basement. This coldcellar is a refrigerator that does not require electricity.

Construction and design

The "coldcellar" is a self-contained spherical structure with an entrance corridor with a curve of 135 degrees. The structure is made of reinforced composite and fully integrated. Ventilation ducts, built-in shelving system, hermetically sealed insulating entrance door and humidity well are installed. Basement designers took care of every detail. The ecological shape of the shelves allows you to make full use of the available storage space. The large space provides coziness while staying inside. All internal basement surfaces are in no contact with food. The stairs leading to the inside of "Coldcellar" are covered with a non-slip surface.

Who is it for?

For owners of private plots

For garden communities

For horticultural networks

For construction companies

For landscape architects

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